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GeoMetrix is frequently retained by Alberta Transportation to act as the prime consultant for the full suite of services for standard bridges and bridge size culverts. Services are provided from project inception to construction completion, including: inspection, survey, assessment and engineering reporting, regulatory and environmental permit applications, detailed design and drafting, tender preparation, construction administration and inspection, and final inspection.

GeoMetrix has also secured the Alberta Transportation As-and-When contract for Standard Bridge and Culvert services to the Peace region. Some assignments have been undertaken through Bridge Maintenance Authorization contracts where GeoMetrix has prepared construction documentation to assist the maintenance contractor in repair or rehabilitation of an existing structure to ensure prompt response to emergencies and to help control the project cost.

Some of the many projects GeoMetrix has performed as the prime consultant for include the following:

  • Bridge rehabilitation for Highway 40 over Little Smoky River.
  • Three culvert replacements on Highway 40 near Cadomin.
  • Culvert replacement on Highway 620 over a tributary to Pembina River.
  • Culvert replacement on Highway 581 over Sheep Coulee, Highway 580 over Carstairs creek, and Highway 791 over Spruce Creek.
  • Culvert replacement on Highway 2 over Arcadia creek, and on Highway 747 over a tributary to Bartsch Creek.
  • Culvert replacement on Highway 33 over a tributary to Swan River.
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