Kananaskis Vehicle Bridge




CWP & Acrow


Seebe, Alberta




GeoMetrix was retained by CWP to complete the substructure design to support the installation of a prefabricated Acrow bridge over the Kananaskis River near Seebe, Alberta. During the course of construction, GeoMetrix was also retained to complete the design verification of the prefabricated Acrow bridge superstructure which is a baily truss style bridge.

GeoMetrix was responsible for designing the roadway profile and alignment, as well as the substructure. This included the concrete piles, abutment seats, backwalls, lock-block style wingwalls, expansion plates, and connection of bearings to the abutment seat.

In Addition, to ensure conformity with Canadian standards, GeoMetrix undertook an independent design review of the Acrow bridge superstructure; a prefabricated bridge designed in the United States. We also evaluated the launching plan of the bridge over the river to guarantee that the structural integrity remained intact during the process.

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