GeoMetrix is a structural engineering design firm

We are dedicated to providing quality structural solutions for our clients. We are passionate about our profession, from the smallest connection detail to the overall form and function of the structures we design. Whether we are engaged in the design of a standard bridge crossing, a simple framed building, or an elaborate structure with many design variables, we provide the same level of care and attention to detail to all of our projects.

We believe that the best recipe for creative thinking is to embrace challenging projects with an open mind. We look at every project as being unique, where innovation and new technology are looked at versus the “traditional approach”. We strive to engage our structural knowledge and push the boundaries of design in many areas of our profession – from the design of bridges and buildings, to retaining walls, tanks, platforms, reservoirs, shoring, formwork, falsework, and so much more. We also offer services in project management, construction supervision, contract administration, and value engineering.

To our clients our focus is simple – to proactively meet or exceed expectations by providing a service that adds value to every project. To our staff, what sets us apart is that we are driven by passion, not profit. It is not just about the end result, but the journey taken. It is about taking the time to do the job right, to the best of our abilities and budget resources. We believe that our employees, clients, and our environment deserve the best that we can offer, every time.


GeoMetrix was established in Devon, Alberta in the fall of 2008 by Wayne Stewart, M.Eng., P.Eng. From humble beginnings where the firm first took up shop in what used to be the old Devon Theatre Building, the firm has since outgrown its small engineering quarters and is now firmly established in Edmonton. Regardless of the place we call home, the GeoMetrix devotion to client care, attention to detail and superior quality in everything we do will always be at the heart of our business strategy. 

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At GeoMetrix Group Engineering, we take pride in having an engineering team that is highly skilled and educated, committed to excellence.

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