At GeoMetrix Group Engineering, we take pride in having an engineering team that is highly skilled and educated, with a majority of our staff possessing advanced post-graduate degrees in structural engineering. We are committed to excellence and strive to stay at the forefront of our field through ongoing technical training, active involvement in professional organizations and attendance at industry conferences.

Wayne Stewart

M.Eng., P.Eng.
Principal, Senior Structural Engineer

Wayne started his career in May 1997 with Walters Chambers & Associates Ltd. (WCA) in Edmonton after graduating from Civil Engineering at the U of A. Projects worked on included structural designs for primarily commercial/institutional/industrial buildings. While working fulltime at WCA, Wayne earned an M.Eng. degree in April 2002. In January 2004, Wayne joined UMA|AECOM’s Bridge Group in Edmonton. Clients served included all three levels of government and some work for private industry. During his time at UMA|AECOM, Wayne gained valuable
experience in bridge load evaluation (including winning an award for BLE work) and bridge design/rehabilitation. In 2004/2005 Wayne carried out construction inspection and contract administration for two of the bridges at the Anthony Henday Calgary systems interchange in Edmonton. From late 2005 to 2007 Wayne help to co-author the Roadside Design Guide for Alberta Transportation. This also included development of standard drawings for AT including standard SCC girder substructure drawings, bridgerail and approach rail upgrades. Wayne founded GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. in November 2008.

Grant Ormberg

M.Sc., P.Eng.
Principal, Senior Bridge Engineer

Grant started his career in 2004 working with the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) to develop the current edition of the CPCI Design Manual. While working full time, Grant received his Masters of Science (M.Sc) in Structural Engineering in 2010. Also in 2010, Grant became manager of the bridge load capacity evaluation group at AECOM. Grant was also heavily involved in bridge design while at AECOM, both as a lead designer and as a project manager. Grant joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. as a bridge engineer in January 2014. He functions as a lead designer and project manager for a variety of bridge projects across Alberta and manages the firm’s bridge inspection and load evaluation groups. He is also involved as a structural designer or checker for building and bridge projects that the firm is engaged in.

Zichao Wu

Ph.D., P.Eng., P.E.
Principal, Bridge Manager

After nine years of teaching and research at Tongji University in China, Zichao pursued his Ph.D. degree in structural engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Upon graduation in 2000, he joined Parsons Corporation as a bridge engineer, where he worked on the Toll Road E-470 and the Transportation Expansion (T-REX) Projects in Denver, Colorado. In 2003 Zichao joined AECOM as a senior bridge engineer where he was involved in the design of numerous bridges in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, including twinning of the Peace River Bridge on Highway 2, and bridges on three out of four quadrants of the Anthony Henday Ring Road in Edmonton. In 2016 Zichao expanded his career into management and business development by joining GeoMetrix as a partner. Since joining GeoMetrix he has successfully grown the bridge design and rehabilitation business with provincial and municipal governments as the prime consultant, major consulting companies as a sub-consultant, and as the contractor’s engineer for bridge erection planning/design and as independent design reviewer (IDR).

Raymond Clarke

B.Sc., C.E.T. (pending)
Associate, Senior CAD Technologist

Raymond started his career in 2007 with UMA|AECOM’s Bridge Group in Edmonton after graduating from the Engineering Design and Drafting program at NAIT. After developing skills and gaining experience drafting as a CAD technologist for several years, along with bridge and culvert inspection experience, Raymond joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering. At GeoMetrix, Ray leads the drafting group and has branched out to include surveying and construction inspection as well. Raymond has worked on a variety of project types including new bridges, bridge strengthening, highway and railway bridge rehabilitation, bridge-sized culverts, retaining walls, tunnel and underpass structures, structural components of residential and commercial buildings. As GeoMetrix’s senior technologist Raymond has experience using AutoCAD, Civil3D, Revit and Advanced Steel for 2D and 3D drafting.

Kale Georget

B.Sc., P.Eng.
Associate, Intermediate Structural Engineer

Kale is a Structural Engineer who graduated from the civil engineering program at the University of Alberta in 2012. Upon graduation, Kale joined Buckland & Taylor | COWI to pursue a career in major structural bridge design. In August 2015, Kale joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. in Edmonton. Since joining GeoMetrix, Kale has grown and led GeoMetrix’s team effort in CN Rail Bridge Rehabilitation. Kale has also performed in leading roles with Alberta Transportation structures including numerous bridge size culverts, major bridge independent design reviews (IDR), bridge load evaluation for overloads or construction loading, and standard and major bridge assessment, preliminary design, and detailed design of various bridge replacement or rehabilitation projects.

Wenbo Wu

M.Eng.., P.Eng.
Intermediate Bridge Engineer

After working as a structural engineer for 12 years in China, Wenbo immigrated to Canada in 2008 and took the Civil Engineering Technology program at SAIT. After graduation he started with AMEC as a bridge technologist, focusing on bridge drafting and construction inspection. While working on the Northeast Anthony Henday Drive and the Highway 63 Twinning Projects, Wenbo received his Master of Engineering degree with the University of Alberta. In 2019 Wenbo joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. for opportunities to expand his career in bridge design. Wenbo has diversified experiences in design, detailing, and construction inspection on a variety of structural projects. His ability and proficiency in both design and detailing enables him to deliver assignments quickly and efficiently.

Caileigh MacIsaac

B.Sc., P.Eng.
Structural Engineer

Caileigh is a Civil Engineer who has been working within the construction industry since 2014. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta in 2017, she has since had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in construction coordination working on multiple infrastructure projects, including the Groat Road Bridge rehabilitation over the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton. In 2022, Caileigh joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. as a Junior Engineer and has gained design and drafting experience in bridges, retaining walls, formwork, and other temporary works design.

Zibo Shen

M.Eng., E.I.T
Structural Engineer in Training

Zibo is a multifaceted Junior Structural Engineer who received her master’s degree from the University of Toronto in 2019. She has experience in applying engineering theory, collaboration, and actualizing visions through impactful leadership. Zibo joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. in 2022 and has continued to further her design and drafting experience in bridges, retaining walls, and buildings.

Di Song

B.Sc., E.I.T
Bridge Engineer in Training

After graduating from University of Alberta in Civil Engineering, Di joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. to further his structural experience in 2019. The projects Di has been involved in include new bridge design, bridge rehabilitation/strengthening, technical report preparation, construction inspection, and more. Di is currently taking the Master of Engineering program at University of Alberta with specialization in Structural, while maintaining full-time work at GeoMetrix as junior bridge engineer.

Scott MacPherson

Engineering Technologist

Scott started with GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. in 2019 after completing his first year in the Engineering Design & Drafting Technology program at NAIT. Since graduating from EDDT in 2020 he has worked on a variety of projects in a number of roles providing surveying, on-site field inspection services, contract administration, and drafting services. Scott is currently developing his skills as he works towards his Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) designation.

David Morrison

Bridge Technologist

David started his career in June of 1979 after graduating from the Civil Engineering program at NAIT. His initial career was primarily field testing of road construction materials, general road design, and drafting and surveying on a variety of highway construction projects. In May of 1993, he changed his career focus to bridge construction, bridge maintenance and bridge rehabilitation. His principal duties included preparing quotes for the highway maintenance contractors, estimating costs, and supervising maintenance projects. These projects covered a wide variety of types and cost ranges including culvert lining, culvert boring, concrete overlays, concrete repairs, steel painting, standard bridge construction and deck replacements. He also was the designated project administrator for several major rehabilitation projects and was tasked with the preparation of consultant terms of reference, tenders and to be the primary contact for project administration. David started with GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. in 2022 to work as an on-site project consultant.

Jayvee Dela Torre

Engineering Technologist
Jayvee earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. After spending five years practicing his license in his home country as a water resources and project engineer, Jayvee immigrated to Canada in 2021 to pursue higher studies. He completed his Diploma in Engineering Design Technology at NAIT in 2023. After graduation, Jayvee joined GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd. and started to build his career and earn experience in the fields of civil and structural design, with a focus on design and drafting of standard bridge and culvert projects using AutoCAD and Civil 3D.