Canadian National Railway Projects


CN Rail


CN Rail


Alberta & BC


2014 – Present


GeoMetrix is regularly retained by Canadian National Railway to act as a design and detailing consultant for their bridge rehabilitation and maintenance requirements including steel bridge rehabilitation and maintenance, concrete repairs, bearing repairs, bridge deck and track survey, timber tie re-decking, inspection walkway additions, and bridge jacking.

Across Alberta and British Columbia GeoMetrix has been engaged in over 50 projects with CN Rail. Some of the projects include:

  • Clearwater Bridge M8.6 Steel Rehabilitation and Timber re-deck.
  • Skeena Bridges M25.3, M28.6, M45.6 & M48.6 Concrete Rehabilitation.
  • Yale Bridges M30.7 & M32.9 Steel Rehabilitation.
  • Peace River Bridge M43.2 Stability Assessment and Rehabilitation Options.
  • Grand Cache Bridge M69.9 Inspection and Timber re-deck.
  • Bulkley Bridges M74.1 & M101.5 Concrete Rehabilitation.
  • Telkwa Bridge M116.2 Steel Rehabilitation.
  • Ashcroft Bridges M103.7 & M107.4 Steel Rehabilitation.
  • Westminster Bridge M145.3 Steel Rehabilitation.
  • Wainwright Bridges M253.5 & M263.36 Steel Rehabilitation.
  • Coronado M16.3 Concrete Girder Repair (Impact Damage).
  • Meander River M270.2 Inspection, Survey, and Construction Support.
  • Squamish M61.66 & M131.01 Survey, Track Alignment, and Timber re-deck.
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