Retaining Structures

GeoMetrix has professional engineers that are experienced with the design of many different types of retaining structures. We have expertise in various modular gravity type systems such as mortarless blocks (i.e. Allan Block, Redi-Rock, Loc-Block, etc), rigid cast-in-place concrete walls, as well as tied back wall systems and proprietary MSE wall systems to meet project specific requirements. We also have experience in the design of temporary retaining structures such as soldier piles, sheet piles, tangent/secant piles, cofferdams, and strutted excavations.

  • Temporary Excavation Support
    • Soldier Piles
    • Secant Piles
    • Sheet Piles
  • Permanent Walls
    • Modular Retaining Systems
    • Cast-in-Place Concrete
    • MSE Walls