Project Management

With  the  increasing  complexity  of  projects  the  need  for a  strong  project  manager  to  assure  project  success  is critical. Our intermediate and senior staff have successfully managed large multi-disciplinary projects throughout their careers. Our experience includes grade separation and river crossing bridges, residential, commercial and light industrial building  structures.  Our  vast  range  of  project  experience provides an in-depth understanding of the processes and commitment required to expertly manage projects large or small, through all phases from planning through to design, construction and project close-out.

Our project management methodology is simple – single point  of  contact.  In  other  words  a  project  manager  is assigned as the main contact for the client, and all other parties  involved.  This  creates  an  easy  communication protocol for the project. The project manager is responsible for  ensuring  that  all  project  deliverables  are  met,  from project  initialization  through  to  completion.  Throughout the project, reviews are conducted by our team at defined project  milestones  and  before  deliverables  go  out  the door. These team reviews work both ways.  From a client’s perspective, it ensures that our services are comprehensive and  well  reviewed.  From  our  firm’s  perspective,  team collaboration  on  projects  is  a  way  to  expose  our  staff  to a  variety  of  projects  while  at  the  same  time  providing additional service value to our clients.

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