GeoMetrix has the expertise to provide structural design for a variety of building types – from single storey light framed structures and institutional buildings to multi-storey commercial buildings with elaborate architectural features. We also provide  services  to  the  industrial  sector  to  accommodate  plant  expansion  projects  or  to  facilitate  maintenance  during turnarounds. Our professional engineers have experience with structural steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, masonry, glass, composites, and timber structures of varying sizes and complexity.

Our  range  of  services  also  includes  detailed  building  inspections  and  assessments.  Often  these  inspections  are  carried out in advance of a rehabilitation program for a building, or prior to the closing of a real estate transaction. A preliminary assessment and desktop study provides insight into the potential issues a particular building or investment may have. This initial assessment regularly proves to be a great foundation for developing a project rehabilitation program.

Contract  management  is  a  pivotal  phase  of  a  project.    GeoMetrix  staff  strongly  believes  in  working  harmoniously  with all project partners to ensure a successful delivery. Our staff knowledge in various construction methodologies and risk management techniques comes from both a designer’s standpoint as well as from a contractor’s point of view. This dual perspective enables us to better understand both sides of the construction phase allowing us to provide timely and cost effective solutions to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

  • New Design
  • Expansions and Rehabilitation
  • Inspections and Assessments
  • Contract Management
  • Building Envelope Science
  • BIM