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    Nisku Overpass Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Supreme Crane Runway Expansion


    Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Hagwilget Bridge

  • 107.4 Ashcroft. Right side

    CN - Ashcroft

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    CN Trestle Bridge

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    Blueberry Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Coast Edmonton Bridge Rehabilitation

  • 30 ave

    Edmonton 30 Avenue

Almita – SWEATD Grillage


GeoMetrix was retained by Almita, the successful design-build contractor, for this large power transmission line project. GeoMetrix provided structural engineering for steel ‘grillage’ foundation frames to support the large transmission monopoles up to 38m in height. A finite element analysis program was used to capture the complex geometry and fabrication details and specific anchorage arrangement.  As part of the design, deflection and rotational deformations of the grillage frames were reviewed against client requirements to ensure functionality.