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GeoMetrix has experience providing services related to all facets of a building structure, including preliminary planning, structural design, project management, cost estimates, contract/construction administration, and building condition assessments, for a variety of light framing structures including steel stud cold-formed framing structures, wood framing buildings, masonry structures.

Our professional engineers and project managers are well experienced working for both architect led projects (traditional design-tender-build) as well as for general contractors in a design-build methodology.

In addition to new design, we have undertaken renovation and retrofit design engagements for repair of damaged basement wall, retrofit of brick wall cladding, relocation of school building on the new foundation, accommodation of new floor plan arrangements, new building additions, mezzanine designs, new or additional roof top units (RTU), and new roof parapet extensions.

Some of the light framing construction building projects that GeoMetrix has worked on include the following:

  • Trellis and gazebo wood framing structures for Sakaw Terrace project.
  • Cascade condominium steel stud wall framing and cold-formed roof trusses.
  • Petterson residence load bearing steel stud framing.
  • NAIT Productivity and Innovation Center building wind bearing stud wall framing.
  • Edmund garage steel stud trusses.
  • Capital centre brick cladding structural support retrofit.
  • Lot 56 Royal Oaks division basement wall repairs.
  • City of Wetaskiwin light base retrofit.
  • Starlight Casino sloped floor using load bearing steel studs.
  • Several Catholic schools portable classroom relocation on new piling foundations.
  • City of St. Albert airplane statue relocation.
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