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    Nisku Overpass Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Coast Edmonton Bridge Rehabilitation

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Coast Edmonton House Bridge Rehabilitation


GeoMetrix was retained by MacLab & Midwest Property Management as the prime consultant for the rehabilitation of this two-span private bridge over Bellamy Hill Road.  The bridge serves as the primary port of entry to the plaza level of the Coast Edmonton House hotel and ties into the 46 storey tower at the 11th floor.  The bridge consists of five lines of precast concrete ‘FC’ bridge girders forming the main part of the bridge.  The bridge widens as it approaches the plaza level of the tower with precast concrete box girders flaring a 30° angle.  The preliminary design phase consisted of a thorough site reconnaissance program including a detailed visual inspection, hammer soundings, chain drag delamination survey, chloride sampling, and exposing of unbonded post-tensioned strands to test for corrosion and tension loss.  Rehabilitation of the bridge and plaza area included: installation of a waterproofing system, replacing all deck joints and the precast concrete cladded steel railings, partial depth concrete repairs on both superstructure and substructure, and replacement of elastomeric bearings.