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City of Wetaskiwin – Reservoir Shoring


GeoMetrix provided structural engineering and drafting services for a temporary shoring design to support the concrete roof slab of the Garden Meadows Water Reservoir during beam and slab repairs. The Reservoir is constructed of a concrete roof slab with drop panels spanning between concrete columns. Corbel roof beams are provided at edges if the slab bays to permit expansion at the joints. The Reservoir was showing signs of deterioration at the expansion joints and large spalling was occurring at the roof beam edges. The shoring system was designed to support the concrete roof slab considering the integrity remaining in the roof beams, and to limit cracking of the roof slab during load transfer and deflection. GASS shoring posts at 2.4 m – 2.5 m spacing were used on either side of the roof beam to support the roof slab edge.