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CO2 Absorber Load Evaluations


GeoMetrix was retained by Mammoet Canada Western (Mammoet) to perform a bridge load evaluation for 18 bridges on the route from Coutts, AB to the Northwest Redwater Upgrader Site near Redwater, AB for transporting a CO2 Absorber permit vessel in January 2016. The CO2 Absorber had a GVW of 903 tonnes, which included a 418 tonne payload and was proposed to be transported on a 4-File 12 Front – 12 Rear (12F/12R) bunked Road Style InterCombi Scheuerle Configuration. The bridge load evaluation was undertaken to determine the Live Load Capacity Factor (LLCF) for major components to determine if the PC and PS crossing of the overload vehicle was possible without strengthening the bridges. Bridges on the route included both simple and continuous steel and prestressed/cast-in-place concrete structures. The evaluation was done in accordance with S6-14 and the Alberta Transportation’s Bridge Load Evaluation Manual. The report was accepted by Alberta Transportation without further clarification.

Due to the magnitude of the load, Alberta Transportation requested that GeoMetrix implement a Level 1 Inspection Program for three of bridges on the high load corridor prior to transport of the CO2 Absorber. GeoMetrix provided a detailed inspection program which was accepted without need for modification.