• nisku-bridge

    Nisku Overpass Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Supreme Crane Runway Expansion


    Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Hagwilget Bridge

  • 107.4 Ashcroft. Right side

    CN - Ashcroft

  • CN Trestle

    CN Trestle Bridge

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    Blueberry Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Coast Edmonton Bridge Rehabilitation

  • 30 ave

    Edmonton 30 Avenue

Project Type: Other Facilities

Sign Pile Foundations

  GeoMetrix was retained by Highline to undertake the design for numerous reinforced concrete monopiles to support light poles, signal warning signs and other various overhead sign structures. Pile loading from the pole supplier was verified by GeoMetrix. The pile design considers a minimum pile length for frost effect, and the vertical, lateral and torsionalContinue Reading

City of St. Albert – Tache Street Airplane Relocation

  GeoMetrix was appointed by City of St. Albert to undertake the design for a pedestal to mount a R.C.A.F. Lockheed T-333AN Silver Star 3 (T-bird). The design included: concrete mono pile, steel pipe shaft pedestal to support the airplane, concrete anchorage design, and connection design to mount the airplane on top of the pedestal.Continue Reading

Almita – SWEATD Grillage

  GeoMetrix was retained by Almita, the successful design-build contractor, for this large power transmission line project. GeoMetrix provided structural engineering for steel ‘grillage’ foundation frames to support the large transmission monopoles up to 38m in height. A finite element analysis program was used to capture the complex geometry and fabrication details and specific anchorageContinue Reading

Tony Stallard – Molecule Sculpture

  GeoMetrix was retained by artist Tony Stallard to provide engineering design services in verification of a proposed 3D molecule structure to be displayed at a university building in Florida.  A 3D structural model was created and analyzed to verify structural integrity under self-weight and wind loading. Anchorage devices and cables were used to hangContinue Reading

Sherwood Park Centre in the Park

GeoMetrix was retained to provide structural engineering for this landscape improvement project in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Structural design of pole foundations, retaining walls, stairs, and other miscellaneous aspects of this projects were completed.Continue Reading

City of St. Albert – Public Arts Projects

  GeoMetrix has been involved in the City of St. Albert’s public arts program since its inception. We have assisted with the installation of numerous pieces of art across the City. GeoMetrix completes a structural assessment of each building that art is connected to ensure that there are no structural concerns with the additional load.Continue Reading

City of St. Albert – Fowler Athletics Park Modifications

  GeoMetrix was retained to provide structural engineering and construction review services for the installation of an inclined speed ramp at the track and field facility in St. Albert, Alberta.Continue Reading

City of St. Albert – Riel Park Upgrade

The City of St.Albert retained GeoMetrix to provide an independent structural engineering review service for the upgrades to a sports facility. It was found that strengthening of a previously installed scoreboard as well as bleacher seating was required to ensure stability of the installations.Continue Reading