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    Nisku Overpass Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Supreme Crane Runway Expansion


    Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Hagwilget Bridge

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    CN - Ashcroft

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    CN Trestle Bridge

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    Blueberry Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Coast Edmonton Bridge Rehabilitation

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    Edmonton 30 Avenue

Project Type: Culverts

BF 75043 Culvert Replacement near Debolt

  During a high flow period a bridge size culvert washed out (BF 75043) near Debolt. GeoMetrix was retained by Alberta Transportation to assess the condition, evaluate the hydraulics of the flow, and propose culvert replacement options. The selected alternative was a new 2.4 m diameter x 28 m long CSP culvert. This project wasContinue Reading

BF 08036 on Highway 722 Erosion Repairs

  The Redwillow River Bridge on Highway 722 (BF 08036) superstructure was replaced in 2013.  An unprotected gap between Class 1 riprap and Class 3 riprap might have initiated erosion during a spring flood that caused up to five meter deep erosion along the ditch and the headslope on the southwest corner of the bridge. Continue Reading

City of Wetaskiwin – Culvert Replacement

  An existing 3.0m diameter x 30.5m long Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) culvert had to be replaced due to sagging of the roof as well as perforated corrosion on the floor. GeoMetrix was retained as the structural engineering consultant for the CSP replacement design. GeoMetrix also carried out an independent design check of the gabionContinue Reading

Alberta Transportation Peace Region As and When – Culvert BF86321

  GeoMetrix was retained by Alberta Transportation as the prime consultant on the replacement of BF86321 culvert on Highway 2:54 near High Prairie, AB.  This crossing consists of four 1.2m diameter CSP culverts.  All four existing culverts were demonstrating signs of being under-capacity due to evidence of overflow.  This project is currently in the PreliminaryContinue Reading