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    Nisku Overpass Bridge Load Evaluation

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    Supreme Crane Runway Expansion


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    Hagwilget Bridge

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    CN - Ashcroft

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    Coast Edmonton Bridge Rehabilitation

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    Edmonton 30 Avenue

Project Type: Bridge Jacking

Jacking of the Gaetz Ave over Highway 2 Bridge (BF 75331)

  The Gaetz Ave over Highway 2 Bridge (BF 75331) was constructed in 2018. The bridge is a curved two span (83-77 m) steel plate girder superstructure supported on concrete substructures. During construction of the fingerplate joint, it was found to be outside of Alberta Transportation tolerance limits. Flatiron retained GeoMetrix to provide engineering supportContinue Reading

Wapiti River Bridge (BF 74228)

  The bridge on HWY 40 over Wapiti River, BF 74228, is comprised of four (4) lines of built-up steel plate girders spanning 33.5 m – 48.8 m – 61.6 m – 48.8 m – 33.5 m. GeoMetrix worked with the General Contractor, Ardy Rigging, to provide an engineered bridge jacking procedure and jacking drawingsContinue Reading

NWAHD STR1.7 Jacking

  GeoMetrix was retained by the contractor (Ardy Rigging) to undertake an evaluation of the existing structure (Bridge Structure 9 FGP STR 1.7) ability to bear lateral loads while undergoing jacking. The existing structure is a horizontally curved one lane bridge, having five bearings, each secured by two anchor bolts. The evaluation was undertaken toContinue Reading